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The working principle of submersible pumps


A submersible pump is a device commonly used in water pumping systems, which uses the driving force of an electric motor to pump out the liquid by placing the pump in the liquid.  Submersible pumps are widely used in fields such as homes, agriculture, industry, and construction, for tasks such as drainage, water supply, irrigation, and sewage discharge.

The working principle of submersible pumps can be divided into the following aspects:

1.  Structural composition:

The submersible pump mainly consists of an electric motor, pump body, impeller, seals, and cables.  The electric motor is connected to the power supply through a cable, converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, driving the impeller to rotate and generating pumping force.

2.  Water absorption process:

When the submersible pump starts working, the electric motor drives the impeller to rotate at high speed, generating centrifugal force.  The centrifugal force causes the liquid to enter the pump chamber through the pump body, forming a low-pressure area.  Due to the influence of atmospheric pressure, the liquid is sucked into the pump chamber to complete the suction process.

3.  Drainage process:

When the liquid is sucked into the pump chamber, the rotation of the impeller allows the liquid to gain kinetic energy and be thrown out of the pump body under the action of centrifugal force.  The liquid is discharged through the outlet to complete the drainage process.

4.  Sealing system:

The sealing system of the submersible pump plays a role in preventing liquid leakage.  Usually, submersible pumps use mechanical seals or sealing rings to ensure a tight connection between the pump body and the electromechanical system, preventing water from entering the electromechanical system.

5.  Cable protection:

The cable of the submersible pump needs to have good corrosion resistance and waterproof performance to ensure that the cable can operate in water for a long time without being damaged.  Usually, cables undergo special treatments, such as adding insulation and waterproofing materials, to improve their durability.

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