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What are the performance characteristics of polyester trilobal filament


What are the performance characteristics of polyester trilobal filament

Polyester Trilobal Filament is a special type of polyester fiber. It has been improved on the basis of traditional polyester fiber, so that it has some special appearance and performance characteristics. The following are the characteristics of polyester trilobal filament:

Trilobal cross-section: The cross-section of polyester trilobal filament presents a trilobal shape, while traditional polyester fibers generally present a circular cross-section. This trilobal shape makes the surface of the fiber smoother and more reflective.

High gloss: Due to the design of the trilobal cross-section, the gloss of polyester trilobal filament is higher than that of traditional polyester fibers, and it is easier to produce bright luster, making the fabric more visually attractive.

Strong three-dimensional effect: The trilobal cross-section of the polyester trilobal filament endows the fiber with a better three-dimensional effect, making the fabric or fabric have a better texture and touch.

Good wear resistance: The surface of polyester fiber with trilobal cross section is smoother, so polyester trilobal filament has better wear resistance than traditional polyester fiber, and is not easy to produce hairiness.

Antistatic properties: Polyester trilobal filaments have good antistatic properties, because their smooth surface can reduce the generation of static electricity.

Easy to dye: Due to the smooth surface of the polyester trilobal filament, the dye can easily penetrate into the fiber during dyeing, making the color more plump and even.

Polyester trilobal filament is widely used in textiles, fabrics, clothing and other fields to produce high-gloss, high-dimensional and high-grade fabrics, such as high-end decorative fabrics, sportswear, business wear, etc.

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