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What are the printing modes in the UV flatbed printer


Common printing modes in UV flatbed printers include the following:

Sequential UV flatbed printing mode: also known as unidirectional printing mode. The nozzle completes the spraying of all patterns in the same direction, and then returns to the starting point to restart the printing of the next line, which is suitable for ordinary characters, patterns, etc.

Bidirectional UV flatbed printing mode: also known as interleaved printing mode. When printing each line, the nozzles print from left to right first, and then from right to left, which increases the printing speed and is suitable for a large number of characters and simple backgrounds.

Multi-layer UV flatbed printing mode: suitable for products that require multi-layer printing, such as mobile phone cases, cards, etc. Three-dimensional effects are achieved by printing different patterns or colors multiple times.

Analog Point Color Printing Mode: By using analog point color technology, better color performance can be obtained at a lower resolution, especially suitable for high-demand works such as photo printing.

Scanning and printing mode: digitize the original through the scanning bed, and then perform UV flatbed printing, which is suitable for complex images or works with many details.

In practical applications, the choice of printing mode depends on the requirements of the printing object and the actual situation, and needs to be flexibly selected according to specific needs.

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