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Cixing's "one-line forming" technological innovation leads the development of the industry


Textile machinery is the production means and material basis of the textile industry. Its technical level, quality and manufacturing cost are directly related to the development of the textile industry. With the continuous maturity of intelligent technology, a large number of intelligent technologies and products are gradually applied and popularized in textile machinery, which greatly improves the level of textile technology, reduces labor costs and improves the efficiency of textile products.

Supported by the company's strength and technology research and development, Cixing Co., Ltd. aims at the current development direction and trend of the textile machinery industry, and combines the current situation of labor shortage in the sweater industry and the lack of manpower in the sewing process. It innovates the intelligent knitting technology and innovatively develops the Four Needle Bed. Knit To Shape Knitting Machine subverts the knitting process of traditional flat knitting machines, realizes one-time knitting of knitted sweaters, and leads the cutting-edge development trend of current computerized flat knitting machine technology.

Recently, a talk show in the textile and apparel industry interviewed Lu Dechun, vice president of sales of Cixing Co., Ltd., and further introduced the advanced technology and unique craftsmanship of "one-line forming" computerized flat knitting machines.

The traditional knitting industry is a labor-intensive industry, highly dependent on the sewing skills of employees, and the input cost of labor and technology is relatively high. The "one-line forming" technology can complete the weaving of the entire garment at one time, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming subsequent eye-to-eye stitching processes, making production more flexible, more efficient, and more perfect loops. Using the Four Needle Bed Knit To Shape Knitting Machine to knit clothes, one yarn goes in and one piece of clothing comes out, realizing intelligent production and manufacturing, reducing the sewing process, and greatly saving labor and cost. At the same time, in terms of energy saving and environmental protection, the generation of waste yarn is reduced, thereby reducing the damage to the environment. In addition to the strong advantage in cost of ownership, all its components are independently developed by Cixing, which represents the latest domestic technology and is comparable to foreign leading products in function, which is the direction and trend of sweater production in the future.

In the future, the sweater industry will fully popularize the "one-line forming" technology of computerized flat knitting machines to realize the transformation and upgrading of the sweater industry. "One-line forming" is an inevitable trend of development and will drive the development trend of the entire industry.

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