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How environmentally friendly is the Melamine Small Bathroom Vanity


When most people choose materials for decoration, they believe that they will choose materials with high environmental protection performance, because these materials are good for people's health. If the amount of formaldehyde contained in the materials is relatively large, it may It will produce a series of uncomfortable reactions and even cause diseases. Melamine Small Bathroom Vanity is a common decoration material at present. Is Melamine Small Bathroom Vanity good? How environmentally friendly is Melamine Small Bathroom Vanity? If you buy a good quality Melamine Small Bathroom Vanity, the environmental protection is quite high.

1. Melamine Small Bathroom Vanity is light, mildew-proof, fire-resistant, heat-resistant, shock-resistant, easy to clean, and renewable. It fully meets the established guidelines of energy saving, consumption reduction, and ecological protection. Therefore, people in the industry also call Melamine an ecological board. In addition to solid wood furniture, all kinds of high-end panel furniture have the participation of Melamine Small Bathroom Vanity. Adding Melamine to mid-to-high-end bathroom cabinets can effectively prevent environmental pollution caused by formaldehyde and urea-formaldehyde resins used as preservatives. In addition, Melamine can also replace wooden panels and aluminum-plastic panels to make mirror surfaces, high wear resistance, Anti-static, embossed, metal and other finishes.

2. Melamine Small Bathroom Vanity, referred to as melamine board, is a decorative board made by paving it on the surface of particleboard, moisture-proof board, medium density fiberboard or hard fiberboard, and then hot pressing. In the production process, it is generally composed of several layers of paper, and the number depends on the application.

3. The performance of MDF is better than the latter. The internal structure of medium density board is uniform, the bonding force is greater than that of particle board, the deformation is small, the surface is smooth, and the nail holding power is strong. Therefore, Melamine Small Bathroom Vanity, which uses MDF as the base material, is stronger and more durable, and can better utilize the characteristics of panel furniture to resist assembly. The texture of particle board is relatively loose, and the cost is lower than the former.

The above mentioned is whether Melamine Small Bathroom Vanity is good or not and how is the environmental protection of Melamine Small Bathroom Vanity. In fact, no matter what kind of board you buy, you must buy a trustworthy brand of board, because if the manufacturer of the board is different, The quality of the boards produced is different, and the amount of formaldehyde contained in them is also different. Melamine is actually a good board, mainly depends on how the manufacturer makes it.

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