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hat does a shot blasting machine do?


What does a shot blasting machine do?

Shot blasting machine is a kind of equipment used for surface treatment, mainly used for cleaning and removing surface dirt, oxide layer, coating or other undesirable substances. It projects the shot blasting particles on the high-speed rotating shot blasting wheel to the surface of the workpiece to clean and improve the surface quality.

The working principle of the shot blasting machine is to use the high-speed rotation of the shot blasting wheel to generate centrifugal force, and project the shot blasting particles onto the surface of the workpiece. The collision and impact force between the shot blasting particles and the surface of the workpiece can effectively remove the dirt and bad substances on the surface. At the same time, the impact of shot blasting particles can also improve the roughness of the workpiece surface, increase the surface adhesion, and provide a better foundation for subsequent painting, spraying or other surface treatment processes.

Shot blasting machines are widely used in various industries, such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, casting, steel, ships, bridges, construction, etc. It can handle various types of workpieces, including metals, plastics, ceramics and other materials. The use of shot blasting machines can improve the surface quality and performance of workpieces, prolong their service life, and provide better conditions for subsequent processing and handling.


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