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What is Steering Rack


A steering rack, also known as a rack and pinion steering system, is a mechanical component in a vehicle's steering system that converts the rotational motion of the steering wheel into the linear motion needed to turn the wheels. The steering rack consists of a rack and a pinion gear. The rack is a toothed bar that is attached to the steering column and moves left or right based on the steering wheel's position. The pinion gear is a small gear that meshes with the rack and rotates as the steering wheel is turned.

When the steering wheel is turned, the rotation of the pinion gear causes the rack to move left or right, which in turn moves the vehicle's wheels in the desired direction. The steering rack is typically located below the engine, behind the front axle.

Steering racks can be either hydraulic or electric. Hydraulic steering racks use fluid pressure to assist with steering, while electric steering racks use an electric motor. Electric steering racks are becoming increasingly common in modern vehicles because they are more efficient and require less maintenance than hydraulic systems.

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