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What should I do if the ink thickens when printing Paper box


When printing paper box, the ink will thicken in autumn and winter, and the low temperature in winter is the external factor of ink thickening. Under the influence of temperature, it is a physical phenomenon that the ink (primary ink) becomes thinner and thicker, but what changes is the form, not the essence (the basic performance of the ink). The ink is too thick and has a high viscosity, but it is best not to adjust its viscosity with thinner or varnish. Because when the user needs to adjust the ink properties, the total amount of various additives that the original ink produced by the ink manufacturer is limited. If the limit is exceeded, even if it can be used, the basic performance of the ink will be weakened and the printing will be affected. Quality printing techniques.

The thickening of ink caused by temperature can be solved by the following methods:

(1) Put the original ink on the radiator or next to the radiator, so that it can slowly heat up and gradually return to its original state;

(2). You can use boiling water for external heating when you need it urgently. The specific method is to pour the boiling water into the basin, and then put the original barrel (box) of ink in the water, but prevent water vapor from immersing it until the water temperature drops to about 27 degrees Celsius. Take it out, open the lid and stir evenly before use. It is advisable to keep the temperature of the printing workshop at around 27 degrees Celsius. The ink also has a thick phenomenon at normal temperature, because the consistency of the ink reflects the rheological properties of the ink to a certain extent.

If the thickening phenomenon is not caused by external factors, it can be summarized as the following two reasons: one is caused by the strong thixotropy in the internal structure of the original ink, but it can still be used after being stirred and restored to its original state; Ink that has deteriorated due to improper storage cannot be used.

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