Auto Mechanics Engine Cylinder Stethoscope

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High quality Auto Mechanics Engine Cylinder Stethoscope made of steel, shockproof ABS plastic and rubber.

Metal probe extends to 350mm for getting into confined areas;


1. Function: ideal for pinpointing issues of car engine, identifying broken gaskets, bad pulleys, water pump failures and other damaged parts that cause odd noises and faulty operation.

2. Sensitive sound source of noise: features a sensitive sound chamber that amplifies sounds so that you can easily detect the damaged parts within engine.

3. Easy to use: the ear buds of tool allow you to ignore outside noises so you can focus on detecting the issue.

4. Easy to find the issues: simply find where the sound is the loudest and create contact between the probe and surface to confirm.

5. Shockproof handles: the handles make work more secure. Comfortable rubber ear buds perfectly isolate outside noises.

6. Multifunctional tool: perfect to heck transmission, transfer case, rear axle and the engine.

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