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ESD Dry Storage Cabinet

ESD Dry Storage Cabinet

Climatest Symor® ESD dry storage cabinet or low humidity dry storage cabinet, keeps precise humidity control with patented technology, this auto dry cabinet is suitable for storing MSD, like printed circuit boards (PCB), plates, optical fibers, cassettes, optical fibers, integrated circuits, ch......

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Climatest Symor® ESD dry storage cabinet or low humidity dry storage cabinet, keeps precise humidity control with patented technology, this auto dry cabinet is suitable for storing MSD, like printed circuit boards (PCB), plates, optical fibers, cassettes, optical fibers, integrated circuits, chips and laboratory specimen.


Mode# with F: ESD function, Dark Blue color.
Mode# without F: No ESD function, off white color

ModelCapacityInterior Dimension(W×D×H,mm)Exterior Dimension(W×D×H,mm)Average Power (W)Gross Weight (KG)Max. Load/shelf (KG)


·Adopts Switzerland original imported humidity & temperature sensor.
-This ensures high precision in use, moreover, the ESD dry storage cabinet has memory function, no need to re-set after power interrupted.

·Made by 1.2mm thickness galvanized steel, with USA DuPont anti-static powder spraying.
-Solid structure, excellent load-bearing, surface treatment with 18 powder spraying processes, the static resistance value meets 106 -108Ω.

·Equipped with over-humidity alarm + door open alarm , and data logging system.
-Once the interior humidity exceeds the setting value, or the door is open, it will immediately alarm with sound and light, to remind the operator.

·Powerful dry module with +15 years projected lifespan.
- The ESD dry storage cabinet adopts multi-porous molecular sieve as desiccant, it can be regenerated automatically, no consumables and no replacement needed.

·Excellent air-tightness performance
-The whole dry cabinet adopts the pressurized lock to minimize the possibility of moisture infiltration.

What is 40℃ ESD dry storage cabinet?

Climatest Symor® ESD dry storage cabinet is utilized to control humidity within 20%RH-60%RH, any humidity point in this range can be set freely, the ESD dry storage cabinet adopts the auto dehumidifying technology.
The dry unit is the heart of an electronic dry cabinet, dry air cabinet, it is made by synthetic desiccant, which can be generated automatically, and maintenance free, this synthetic desiccant lifespan is + 15 years, no need replacement, no cooling drops, no desiccant bags, no nitrogen needed, the whole dehumidifying process is silent and environmental.
The dry unit uses the latest synthetic desiccant and shape memory alloy inside, even after power failure, the synthetic desiccant still continue to absorb humidity, the interior humidity should not rise more than 10%RH within 24 hours.

Dry cabinet for electronics adopts high accuracy Switzerland imported RH and temperature sensor, the sensor automatically controls the refreshing and recycling of the synthetic desiccant, with 2% accuracy.

Why is ESD dry storage cabinet necessary in SMT process?

With the increasing application of ESD dry storage cabinet, humidity controlled storage of electronic components becomes essential in the electronic manufacturing and assembly industry. The electronic components have been marked with moisture sensitive level (MSL) before ex-factory, IPC standard specifies the humidity requirement for integrated circuits under corresponding MSL, at present, there are two main recommendation in the standard, that are ><5%RH and ><10%RH storage in a dehumidify dry storage cabinet, or dry box. "For the unpacked MSD, when the exposure time does not exceed 72 hours, it can be stored under the specified humidity (such as below 10% RH or below 5% RH) for 5 times or 10 times longer in a ESD dry storage cabinet, the floor life can be recovered.”

Normal storage Reflow process

Moisture in the ambient penetrates into the packages.During heating, the water steam pressure increases, that separates the die and resin.The water steam continues to expand under heating, blowing up the packages.The water steam breaks the packages, which causes micro-cracking.

20%-60%RH Series dehumidifying speed:

(Ambient 25 degree C, humidity 60%RH)

The difference between electronic dry cabinet and nitrogen cabinet:

1.The nitrogen cabinet is filled with nitrogen gas to squeeze out the oxygen inside cabinet, so as to form an inert gas protection environment, this way can prevent the wafers, IC chips, and LED chips from being oxidized. Nitrogen cabinet depends on the nitrogen purge to meet low humidity and anti-oxidization storage, the nitrogen purity is suggested to be >99%, nitrogen cabinet is commonly used in microelectronics, semiconductor industries The electronic dry cabinet is auto dry cabinet, dehumidifying dry storage cabinet, which can absorb moisture and discharge to the outside, to form a low humidity storage environment, it do has humidity control ability. 2.The nitrogen cabinet uses the inert gas to create an oxygen-free or low-oxygen environment, the products put into the nitrogen cabinet are basically moisture-proof packaging, oxidation is difficult to occur. The electronic dry cabinet can only control humidity, no anti-oxidization function,the oxygen content is almost same as the ambient environment.

Characteristics of ESD dry storage cabinet

Independent modular design: This ESD dry storage cabinet adopts a patented modular design, the temperature & humidity display, the control system, heating module, dry modules can be quickly replaced, maintenance is simple, this significantly improves maintenance efficiency.
Environmental design: The whole ESD dry storage cabinet does not produce waste to pollute the environment. This model is designed for long-term use, if the main structure of the machine body is complete, non-destructive, only need to periodically check and replace the faulty module, it can be used forever, this is the latest green design that conforms to environmental protection.
Easy operation: There is no complicated settings, and personnel do not need training, the machine only needs plug in, it can operate fully automatically. It is an efficient industrial-grade ESD dry storage cabinet. It not only saves you personnel training cost, but also greatly improves the production efficiency of the factory.
Calibration reminder: The drift of sensors influence the ESD dry storage cabinet accuracy. In order to comply with the ISO regulation, the calibration expiration reminding function is offered in this model. When the sensor runs over the pre-set days, the decimal point in the controller will flash to remind the user, this function effectively save manpower.

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