Aluminum Waterproof Breathable Valve

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XINZHENPIN® Aluminum Breathable Valve Waterproof Waterproof Valve

1. Waterproof, dustproof and oil pollution prevention, the protection level reaches IP6K9K.

2, prevent condensation, fog, improve the service life of products.

3. Heat dissipation and balance pressure difference. Improve product integrity.

4, chemical resistance, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging, improve the reliability of products in harsh environment

XINZHENPIN® Aluminum Waterproof Breathable Valve Waterproofing

1. Protect sensitive electronic components.

2. Reduce the design and manufacturing cost of the cover.

3. Long service life and no fault and maintenance in extreme environment.

4. Greatly reduce the fault of electronic and inductor products caused by salt corrosion.

5. Greatly reduce fog and condensation.

6. Universal parts and easy installation.

7. It can make the sealed box have better heat dissipation effect.

Our History

Kunshan Xinzhenpin Film New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is an overall solution company dedicated to EPTFE film as the center, focusing on design, R&D, production, processing, technical support, R&D, sales and design of testing equipment.  

We have a strong R&D and design team, which can provide customers with high-quality protective film products and sustainable equipment R&D solutions. Customized modular protection products for customers. The products of Bizhenpin are mainly used in electronics, medical, automotive, packaging, small household appliances, acoustics and other fields. 

Products include Breathable MembraneSound-permeable MembraneWaterproof Breathable Membrane, Home Appliance Waterproof Breathable Membrane, Car Waterproof Breathable Membrane, Breathable Sound-permeable Membrane, and more. We can provide relevant testing equipment and a complete set of independent research and development solutions and related equipment according to customer product needs. We hope to continuously provide customers with high-quality products through high-quality service, continuous innovative solutions, and professional technology.

Production Equipment

Die cutting machine, slitting machine, welding machine, automatic welding equipment, laboratory, film workshop, circular knife machine

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